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What is the IELTS score requirement for Switzerland student visa?

IELTS 6 band score is acceptable for PG (under SPP)/MBA.5.5 band score in one module is acceptable.

Is it possible to work while studying in Switzerland?

You are not allowed to finance your studies through work, although you can normally work to earn extra money. There are restrictions on the number of hours you are allowed to do this; the precise rules depend on the canton.

What is the scholarship process in Switzerland?

The scholarships are offered in principle to foreign governments. The applications have to be submitted for a preliminary selection to the national institution in charge and the Swiss diplomatic representation in the student’s country of origin. There are no scholarships available for programmes that start in the spring semester.

What is the language of instruction in Switzerland?

English is not one of Switzerland's national languages, so only a restricted number of courses are taught in it. If you don't speak German, French or Italian, you should be sure to ask about the language of instruction.

Are there any part-time jobs available in Switzerland?

Students can work alongside with their studies. In fact, the student residence permit allows for profit-earning activity, as long your university provides a statement confirming that your employment will not prolong the length of your studies.

What is the medium of study in Switzerland?

Depending upon the curriculum, the medium of study can be English, German, French, or Italian. Please check with the program to see the teaching language. Research scholarships are usually in English. Generally, from the Master level onwards engineering and natural sciences studies are also in English.

Does an Indian national require a Visa to go to Switzerland?

Yes, all Indian nationals require a Visa for visiting Switzerland.

Does a Schengen Visa allow you to come to Switzerland?

Yes, Switzerland is country under Schengen area.

What is the required Passport validation time to apply for a Swiss Visa?

Your Passport should have a minimum of 6 months validity for successful processing of Switzerland VISA application.

What are the types of Visa application available for Switzerland?

There are 2 types of Visa application:

Type C Visa: This Visa is required for stays of up to 90 days and targets tourism, family and business visits, sports and cultural events participation, and other short duration schooling and education programs. These visa types are valid for all Schengen countries.

Type D Visa: Persons who intend to stay for more than 90 days, need to apply for D type Visa. Type D visas are issued to people who wish to work or study in Switzerland, and is also issued for reasons like family reunification and prolonged medical and health care services.

Do I need travel insurance for visiting Switzerland?

Yes, travel insurance is required for each and every person visiting Switzerland to cover the value for emergency rescue, emergency medical assistance and repatriation for medical reasons as well as emergency hospital car. This travel insurance is needed for sudden illness or for accident purposes.

How do I apply for Switzerland Visa?

Fill the online application form and submit all the required documents for processing of application form.

What would be the best time to apply for Switzerland visa?

Apply a minimum of 1-2 months prior to your travel date.

Does Switzerland have any specific rules or regulations for Work Visa?

Although your work permit is granted on receipt of application from your employer, still you need to apply for a visa to visit Switzerland with the Swiss representatives abroad.

Does Swiss Visa require biometrics (fingerprinting)?

Yes, Switzerland government requires biometrics (fingerprinting) as a part of the visa application process.


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